Scalp Med for Men (4month)



– Scalp MED ® Herbal Hair Supplement
PhytoComplex + βetasitosterol
– Panthenol-Dx Follicle Detoxifier
One Time

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Are you losing your hair and don’t know what to do? You’re not alone. There are many causes for hair loss in women. About 40 percent of women will deal with female hair loss or thinning hair by the age of 40. For most women, our hair is an extension of our style and personality, and losing our hair can be emotionally devastating.

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to live with thinning hair. With Scalp Med® hair growth products for Women, you can combat hair loss by creating a healthy scalp environment to promote healthy hair growth with our hair regrowth treatment for women. Our hair growth products for women include a proprietary 2-step process that combines Scalp Med®’s multi-patented pretreatment technology and Vitadil®-Rf clinical-strength Minoxidil†† to transform your fine, thinning hair into the fuller, thicker hair you deserve. Our products help thin hair by keeping blood vessels flowing and allow more oxygen to your hair follicles to strengthen and promote healthy hair. Regrowing your hair using our hair growth products is less invasive and more natural than investing in a hair transplant.

Our hair loss treatment solutions for women feature many unique benefits including:

  • Patented Nutrisol®-Rf creates the ideal scalp environment for hair regrowth
  • Vitadil®-2A delivers FDA-approved 2% Minoxidil, clinically proven to regrow hair
  • Sulfate and paraben-free to ensure healthier hair and scalp
  • No flaking or itchiness
  • Not tested on animals

Intended for women who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp.

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