Follow These Tips to Ensure




Take a photo of your scalp before beginning treatment

This will allow you to track and see your progress Take a photo every month to see your hair regrow.

Key to Success #1


Read the usage instructions that came with your first shipment.

Correct application is crucial to stopping your hair loss and encouraging new, healthy hair growth.


Use Scalp Med®twice daily, every day.

Get in the habit of applying Scalp Med® twice daily, in the morning and evening, just like brushing your teeth. If you forget to use Scalp Med®, simply start again on your next scheduled application.

Key to Success #3

Key to Success #4


Give the Scalp Med® treatment time to work.

Everyone’s experience is unique, and it should take up to four months before your new hair becomes visible. Be patient, and don’t give up!


Treat your hair well.

Try to be as gentle with your hair as possible. Avoid hair care products that contain ingredients like sulfates and parabens that can cause further damage and even accelerate hair loss. Scalp Med® offers a complete line of products that are specifically formulated to encourage a healthy scalp.

Key to Success #5