Men’s Hair Image Collection

Here’s a collection of our favorite ‘dos – for men!

A slicked back hairstyle is great for training your hair to stay out of your eyes. Sometimes a sloppy ‘do can be reigned in with a matching beard - see how they balance one another on this guy. Sunlight increases the level of Vitamin D in the body and Vitamin D plays a big role in helping your hair to grow. If you can, get enough exposure to sunlight to get long and thick hair. Man buns or top knots have been getting a little flack from the media but we say if you can grow it - show it! A short and dapper cut will get you far and gives you some room to incorporate a beard without losing your professional look.Few things in life feel better than wind rushing through your hair. Let the wind style your look.We love this blend of a natural look with a high fade. Classic and fun at the same time.Cafes are notorious for people watching and while this man watches people, we are watching him.It is hard to keep your best look when you are traveling, this guy has no problem with his short and tidy cut.This underwater selfie is impressive, but not as impressive as that stylish hair cut.As the weather cools, wool garments are your best friend. A peacoat is a classic look that will never go out of style.A good set of curls always finds a way to stand out.This hairstyle is classic.Sunlight and a nice breeze are great for your hair so get outside!The right short cut will look good under any circumstances.Growing your hair back doesn't have to be such a head-scratcher. Give Scalp Med a try! This short hair cut means all business.Getting his head around the project. When a hair style is short it always looks good even when messy.This guy is getting some good news. He may have seen our text about how much we like his medium length hair.

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