Men’s Fashion Image Collection

Trendy suits, cool shades, and hip designs. Here are our favorite in men’s fashion.

Dapper suit with a windsor knot. A classic look for an occasion, from weddings to a job interview. Sophisticated men’s suit: pressed white shirt, silk tie, dark fabrics. A classic. Here’s a sexy jacket for when the cold weather hits. We dig the leather - very sophisticated.A bike is the ultimate accessory, not only does it advertise your exercise but it is a great way to get around.Wool and work wear are a stylish way to stay warm this autumn.Want a professional look without looking too generic? Try a pocket square. It is the flair that can set your outfit apart from the crowd.There is more to your tie than the pattern and color, your tie knot says a lot more about you than you think.If you dress up every day then every day can be a special occasion.Here is the perfect mix of modern and classic accessories every man should carry.The laptop is the only indicator of the era, otherwise this photo is timeless.Work some stripes into your outfits.This man looks smart and hip in basic clothes because his accessory game is on point.In case the money didn't give it away, we are really into some of the Euro accessories.We love that this guy opted to put the patterns on his skin and not his clothes.

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