Just Plain Cute Image Collection

Our products are cruelty free because of these cute faces. Here’s a collection of some of the cutest furry friends.

This little guy looks eager for someone to play catch with. Someone on that beach surely can play ball with this cutie. Cats always find a way to curl up and relax no matter their surroundings. We could learn a thing or two from them. We love cute dogs. This black labrador puppy is no exception - look at those eyes! This little guy is adorable. Be careful and don’t leave any snacks around despite his small frame this guy can chew up anything in seconds.This little baby has the cutest eyes we have ever seen!A playful kitten is an incredibly lovely companion.This little puppy is being a good boy for now, hopefully he doesn't ruin his reputation or that strawberry shortcake!Poor guy needs someone to play fetch with him. Or you could just let this sleeping dog lie.This cute kitten loves to have his chin petted. We can hear his purr from here.This little puppy just realized he is being spied on.Up close and personal with one of the cutest noses in the animal kingdom.You can see from this cat's eyes that he is wise beyond his years.These adorable golden retriever buddies do everything together.In certain ways, elephants seem a lot like people: They play, laugh, preen, become angry and even mate.This bear is both cute and dangerous.When was the last time you visited the forest?Awww, take a look at this cute little bird.Penguins are one of the few animals that can look cute while posing in the most hostile environments.This cute squirrel has found an interesting home.This little guy is so cute and trusting.

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