Scalp Med Hair Growth Product Receives New U.S. Patent

NHSI, Inc. announces that it has been issued a new U. S. Federal Patent for a key component of its ScalpMed hair growth product. The issue date is 5/21/2013 and the Patent number is 8444960. This is the 6th patent for products within the popular ScalpMed hair growth system, which is now patented in the US and several countries around the world.

Since its inception, Scalp Med has already seen hundreds of thousands of
scalp-medcustomers, but Shane Malek, the originator of the ScalpMed, believes that his product is still in its beginnings. “We’re extremely excited about this new patent, which covers the chemical composition of our Nutrisol product. In a category that is confusing and overrun with similar products whose differences are difficult to determine, it’s especially gratifying that the patent office understood that there really is something new and different about ours.”

The Scalp Med system is a topical hair growth system that incorporates two primary components, Vitadil and Nutrisol. NHSI also offers a line of hair and scalp care products specially formulated for thinning hair. A sulfate free thickening shampoo, an intense conditioner fortified with essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins for hair and scalp, a detoxifier to remove excess oils and buildup from follicles, and ScalpMed’s special cortex enlarging hair spray.

ScalpMed is distributed by NHSI, Inc.

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