Hair Growth Happens Gradually

Here’s what you can expect when you apply Scalp Med® twice daily:

1-2 months

1-2 Months

When using Scalp Med® during the hair restoration process, you may see hair in the sink or your brush for the first four weeks of use. This is good! It is your body starting a new hair growth cycle by shedding away unhealthy hairs as new, healthier hairs grow in their place under the scalp. So don’t fret if your hair seems thinner at first, it’s just the unhealthy hairs shedding making room for new, healthy hair to grow.

It is important to keep in mind during the early stages of hair restoration treatment that hair-regrowth is a gradual process. Think of it like looking at grass growing. You may not “see” it growing, but it is. In much the same way, there are invisible changes that must take place within your scalp before you notice visible hair growth.

3-4 months

3-4 Months

Toward the end of month 4 during the hair regrowth process, you may begin to start seeing more visible hair regrowth in thinning areas, as well as thinning hair beginning to thicken. Patches of exposed scalp will become less visible as new, thicker hair begins to fill in. Treatment with Scalp Med® is a cumulative process, and the results build over time, so it is vitally important throughout this stage of your treatment that you remain consistent in your application and use of Scalp Med®.

5-6 months

5-6 Months

This is when you really start to see the amazing hair growth that Scalp Med® makes possible. When you use Scalp Med® twice daily as instructed, you will notice significant and increased hair regrowth throughout your scalp. In this stage, you will see the areas filling in with new, thicker hair. Some people even notice less gray and more of their natural color coming back.

6-12 months

6-12 Months

In the last stages of the hair growth cycle, your hair will continue to grow in, giving you a full head of hair. By this time, you will have virtually no more shedding on pillows or in the shower, and no more clumps of hair coming off in your brush. With continued use, you will achieve maximum regrowth after 12 months, completely reversing your hair loss. To keep your follicles healthy and functional and maintain your new head of hair, continue your Scalp Med® routine.